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Low-temperature display case “Arktika” (1.2 m)

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  • Average daily power consumption: 3,6 - 10 kW
  • Mains voltage: 220 V
  • Temperature conditions: -20…-5 ºС
  • Refrigerating unit: MLY12LA
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Length: 1210 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 1250 mm
    • Equipment warranty — 1 year.
    • After-sales service — 1 time per month

Rigid welded body

The display case does not become deformed during transportation. It can be disassembled for installation in premises with narrow doorways

Replaceable parts

Front/side windows, blinds, dome lamps, and pallets can be replaced in a retail store in Nizhny Novgorod or at our dealers

European heat exchangers and compressors

Italian heat exchangers eliminate freon leaks. French compressors with operating life of 90 thousand hours

Low-noise equipment

Rigid welded frame, low-noise compressor and electric motors with 1300 rpm reduce the noise level of the unit

Stainless steel finish

Layout, top, dome lamp, and front panel are made of stainless steel